Implements an image recognition captcha.

"; break; case 'admin/modules#description': case 'admin/modules/textimage': case 'admin/textimage': $output = t('Implements an image recognition captcha.'); break; } return $output; } function textimage_captchachallenge(&$form) { $form['captcha_response'] = array ( '#type' => 'textfield', '#title' => t('Captcha Validation'), '#default_value' => '', '#required' => TRUE, '#validate' => array('_captcha_validate' => array()), '#description' => t('Please type in the letters/numbers that are shown in the image above.'), '#prefix' => 'Captcha Image: you will need to recognize the text in it.', ); return $form; } function textimage_captchavalidate(&$captcha_word, &$correct) { $captcha_word = drupal_strtolower($captcha_word); if (($_SESSION['captcha'] != '') && $captcha_word == $_SESSION['captcha']) { $correct = true; } else { $correct = false; form_set_error('captcha_response', t('The image verification code you entered is incorrect.')); } } /** * Implementation of hook_menu(). */ function textimage_menu($may_cache) { $items = array(); $suffix = ''; if (arg(2)!=null) $suffix='/'.arg(2); $items[] = array( 'path' => '_textimage/image'.$suffix, 'title' => t('textimage'), 'callback' => '_textimage_image', 'access' => user_access('access textimages'), 'type' => MENU_CALLBACK ); return $items; } function textimage_perm() { return array('access textimages'); } function textimage_settings() { $fonts_path = variable_get("textimage_fonts_path", ""); $images_path = variable_get("textimage_images_path", ""); //check for GD if (!function_exists(imagecreate)) drupal_set_message(t('Image library not available. Textimage needs the GD library extension to be installed. Please install GD.')); //check for TTF support elseif (!function_exists(imagettftext)) drupal_set_message(t('Your image library does not seem to have TrueType font support. Textimage will work, but will use the default inbuilt font.'),'status'); //check for valid font path elseif ($fonts_path!="" && !is_dir($fonts_path)) drupal_set_message(t('The current font path is invalid. The default font will be used.')); //check for valid image path if ($images_path!="" && !is_dir($images_path)) drupal_set_message(t('The current images path is invalid. No images will be used.')); //Fonts settings $form['fonts'] = array( '#type' => 'fieldset', '#title' => t('Fonts settings'), '#collapsible' => TRUE, '#collapsed' => FALSE ); $form['fonts']['textimage_use_only_upper'] = array( '#type' => 'checkbox', '#title' => t('Use only Uppercase'), '#default_value' => variable_get('textimage_use_only_upper',0) ); $form['fonts']['textimage_fonts_path'] = array( '#type' => 'textfield', '#title' => t('TrueType Fonts Path'), '#default_value' => $fonts_path, '#size' => 30, '#maxlength' => 255, '#description' => t('Location of the directory where the Truetype (.ttf) fonts are stored. If you do not provide any fonts, the module will use the default font for text. Relative paths will be resolved relative to the Drupal installation directory.'), ); $form['fonts']['textimage_font_size'] = array( '#type' => 'textfield', '#title' => t('Font Size'), '#default_value' => variable_get('textimage_font_size',24), '#size' => 5, '#maxlength' => 2, '#description' => t('Font size of Captcha text (in pixels).'), '#validate' => array("_textimage_number_validate" => array("textimage_font_size")), ); $form['fonts']['textimage_char_spacing_max'] = array( '#type' => 'textfield', '#title' => t('Character Spacing'), '#default_value' => variable_get('textimage_char_spacing_max',10), '#size' => 5, '#maxlength' => 4, '#description' => t('Sets the kerning between letters in Captcha. Higher numbers indicate more spacing.'), '#validate' => array("_textimage_number_validate" => array("textimage_char_spacing_max")), ); $form['fonts']['textimage_char_jiggle_amount'] = array( '#type' => 'textfield', '#title' => t('Character Jiggle'), '#default_value' => variable_get('textimage_char_jiggle_amount',5), '#size' => 5, '#maxlength' => 2, '#description' => t('Sets the amount of up and down movement in the Captcha letters. Higher numbers indicate more jiggling.'), '#validate' => array("_textimage_number_validate" => array("textimage_char_jiggle_amount")), ); $form['fonts']['textimage_char_rotate_amount'] = array( '#type' => 'textfield', '#title' => t('Character Rotation'), '#default_value' => variable_get('textimage_char_rotate_amount',5), '#size' => 5, '#maxlength' => 2, '#description' => t('Sets the amount of rotation in the Captcha letters (in degrees, only works with non-default fonts).'), '#validate' => array("_textimage_number_validate" => array("textimage_char_rotate_amount")), ); $form['fonts']['textimage_char_size_amount'] = array( '#type' => 'textfield', '#title' => t('Character Size Adjustment'), '#default_value' => variable_get('textimage_char_size_amount',2), '#size' => 5, '#maxlength' => 2, '#description' => t('Sets the amount of variation in size between the different letters in the Captcha (in pixels).'), '#validate' => array("_textimage_number_validate" => array("textimage_char_size_amount")), ); //Image settings $form['images'] = array( '#type' => 'fieldset', '#title' => t('Image settings'), '#collapsible' => TRUE, '#collapsed' => FALSE ); $form['images']['textimage_images_path'] = array( '#type' => 'textfield', '#title' => t('Background Images Path'), '#default_value' => $images_path, '#size' => 30, '#maxlength' => 255, '#description' => t('Location of the directory where the background images are stored. If you do not provide a directory, solid colors will be used. Relative paths will be resolved relative to the Drupal installation directory.'), ); $form['images']['textimage_image_noise'] = array( '#type' => 'textfield', '#title' => t('Image Noise (pixels)'), '#default_value' => variable_get('textimage_image_noise',4), '#size' => 5, '#maxlength' => 4, '#description' => t('Sets the amount of noise (random pixels) in the Captcha image. Higher numbers indicate more noise.'), '#validate' => array("_textimage_number_validate" => array("textimage_image_noise")), ); $form['images']['textimage_image_lines'] = array( '#type' => 'textfield', '#title' => t('Image Noise (lines)'), '#default_value' => variable_get('textimage_image_lines',4), '#size' => 5, '#maxlength' => 4, '#description' => t('Sets the amount of noise (random lines) in the Captcha image. Higher numbers indicate more noise.'), '#validate' => array("_textimage_number_validate" => array("textimage_image_lines")), ); $form['images']['textimage_image_margin'] = array( '#type' => 'textfield', '#title' => t('Image Margin'), '#default_value' => variable_get('textimage_image_margin',10), '#size' => 5, '#maxlength' => 4, '#description' => t('Set a distance between the Captcha letters and the edges of the image.'), '#validate' => array("_textimage_number_validate" => array("textimage_image_margin")), ); $form['info'] = array( '#type' => 'fieldset', '#title' => t('Image and font information'), '#collapsible' => TRUE, '#collapsed' => FALSE ); if (isset($fonts_path)) { $imagefontinfo .= t('Number of fonts found: ').count(_textimage_font_list()); } if (isset($images_path)) { $imagefontinfo .= '
'.t('Number of background images found: ').count(_textimage_image_list()); } $gdinfo = gd_info(); $imagefontinfo .= '
'.t('GD Version: ').$gdinfo["GD Version"]; $imagefontinfo .= '
'.t(' FreeType Support: '); $imagefontinfo .= ($gdinfo["FreeType Support"]==true) ? 'True' : 'False'; $imagefontinfo .= '
'; $form['info']['captcha_info'] = array ( '#type' => 'item', '#value' => $imagefontinfo, ); return $form; } function textimage_settings_form_validate ($form_id,$form) { //check for valid font path if ($form['textimage_fonts_path'] !="" && !is_dir($form['textimage_fonts_path'])) form_set_error('textimage_fonts_path', t('The entered font path is invalid')); //check for valid image path if ($form['textimage_images_path'] !="" && !is_dir($form['textimage_images_path'])) form_set_error('textimage_images_path', t('The entered image path is invalid')); } function _textimage_number_validate ($field,$fieldName) { if (!is_numeric($field['#value'])) { form_set_error($fieldName,t("The value for")." ".t($field['#title'])." ".t("must be a number")); } } /** * Prints an image containing a textimage code. */ function _textimage_image() { //if we don't have GD2 functions, we can't generate the image if (!function_exists('imagecreatetruecolor')) return; // Set headers header('Expires: Mon, 01 Jan 1997 05:00:00 GMT'); header('Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate'); header('Cache-Control: post-check=0, pre-check=0', false); header('Pragma: no-cache'); header('Content-type: image/png'); $string = _textimage_code(); // Get truetype font list $fonts = _textimage_font_list(); // Get the background images list $images = _textimage_image_list(); // Randomization amounts: $charSpacingMax = variable_get('textimage_char_spacing_max',10); // Letter spacing max (pixels) $charSpacingMin = max($charSpacingMax*.5,0); // Letter spacing minimum (pixels) $charJiggleAmount = variable_get('textimage_char_jiggle_amount',5); // Up and down randomization (pixels) $charRotateAmount = variable_get('textimage_char_rotate_amount',5); // Character rotation amount (degrees) $charSizeAmount = variable_get('textimage_char_size_amount',2); // Character size amount (pixels) $imageRotateAmount = variable_get('captcha_image_rotate_amount',12); // Image rotation amount (degrees) // Static amounts: $charInitialSize = variable_get('textimage_font_size',24); // Initial Font $imageNoise = variable_get('textimage_image_noise',4); // Amount of noise added to image $imageLines = variable_get('textimage_image_lines',4); // Amount of noise added to image $imageMargin = variable_get('textimage_image_margin',10); // Margin around image (pixels) // write text using a truetype font if (function_exists(imagettftext) && count($fonts) > 0) { // Initialize variables for the loop $characterDetails = array(); // contains the final info about each character // Build a list of character settings for the captcha string for ($i=0;$i $charSize, "angle" => $charAngle, "x" => $x, "y" => $y, "color" => $foreground, "font" => $font, "char" => $char ); // Increment the image size $imageWidth = $x + $charWidth; $imageHeight = max($imageHeight,$y+$charJiggleAmount); } // Create the image based off the string length and margin if (count($images) > 0) { // We're going to be using an image, and need a tranparent background to start with $im = _textimage_create_transparent_image($imageWidth+2*$imageMargin, $imageHeight+2*$imageMargin); $noisecolor = imagecolorallocatealpha($im, 0, 0, 0, 127); } else { // Just make a plain-jane color brackground $im = imagecreatetruecolor($imageWidth+2*$imageMargin, $imageHeight+2*$imageMargin); $background = imagecolorallocate($im, rand(180, 250), rand(180, 250), rand(180, 250)); $noisecolor = $background; imagefill($im, 0, 0, $background); } // Specify colors to be used in the image $foreground = imagecolorallocate($im, rand(0, 80), rand(0, 80), rand(0, 80)); foreach($characterDetails as $char) { // draw character imagettftext($im,$char['size'],$char['angle'],$char['x']+$imageMargin,$char['y']+$imageMargin,$foreground,$char['font'],$char['char']); } } else { // write text using a built-in font $x = 0; $y = 0; $imageWidth = 60 + drupal_strlen($string)*$charSpacingMax*.35; $imageHeight = 30 + $charJiggleAmount; // Create the image if (count($images) > 0 && function_exists(imagecolorallocatealpha)) { // We're going to be using an image, and need a tranparent background to start with $im = _textimage_create_transparent_image($imageWidth, $imageHeight); $noisecolor = imagecolorallocatealpha($im, 0, 0, 0, 127); } else { // Just make a plain-jane color brackground $im = imagecreatetruecolor($imageWidth, $imageHeight); $background = imagecolorallocate($im, rand(180, 250), rand(180, 250), rand(180, 250)); $noisecolor = $background; imagefill($im, 0, 0, $background); } // Add the text for ($i=0;$i 0) { // Prepare a larger image with a background image $im2 = _textimage_create_transparent_image($imageWidth, $imageHeight); } else { // Prepare a larger image with a solid color $im2 = imagecreatetruecolor($imageWidth, $imageHeight); imagefill($im2, 0, 0, $background); } $result = imagecopyresampled ($im2, $im, $imageMargin, $imageMargin, 0, 0, $imageWidth, $imageHeight, imagesx($im), imagesy($im)); $im = $im2; } // strikethrough imageline($im, rand(0, 120), rand(0, 120), rand(0, 120), rand(0, 120), $foreground); // Add Noise for ($x=0; $x<$imageWidth; $x++) { for ($row=0; $row<$imageNoise;$row++) { $y = rand(0,$imageHeight); imagesetpixel($im, $x, $y, $noisecolor); } } // Add Lines and Ellipses for ($x=0; $x<$imageLines;$x++) { imageline($im, rand(0, $imageWidth), rand(0, $imageHeight), rand(0, $imageWidth), rand(0, $imageHeight), $noisecolor); imageellipse($im, rand(0, $imageWidth), rand(0, $imageHeight), rand(0, $imageWidth), rand(0, $imageHeight), $noisecolor); } // Fill image with a random background image if available if (count($images) > 0) { $image = $images[rand(0,count($images)-1)]; _textimage_apply_background_image($im,$image); } //output to browser imagepng($im); imagedestroy($im); } /** * Returns a random string for use in a captcha */ function _textimage_code() { $consts='bcdgjxvmnprst'; $vowels='aeiou'; for ($x=0; $x < 6; $x++) { mt_srand ((double) microtime() * 1000000); $const[$x] = drupal_substr($consts,mt_rand(0,drupal_strlen($consts)-1),1); $vow[$x] = drupal_substr($vowels,mt_rand(0,drupal_strlen($vowels)-1),1); } $string = $const[0] . $vow[0] .$const[2] . $const[1] . $vow[1] . $const[3] . $vow[3] . $const[4]; $string = drupal_substr($string,0,rand(4,6)); //everytime we create a new code, we write it to session $_SESSION['captcha'] = drupal_strtolower($string); if(variable_get('textimage_use_only_upper',0)) $string = drupal_strtoupper($string); return $string; } /** * Returns an array of files with TTF extensions in the specified directory. */ function _textimage_font_list() { $fontdir = variable_get("textimage_fonts_path", ""); $filelist = array(); if (is_dir($fontdir) && $handle = opendir($fontdir)) { while ($file = readdir($handle)) { if (preg_match("/\.ttf$/i",$file) == 1) $filelist[] = $fontdir.'/'.$file; } closedir($handle); } return $filelist; } /** * Returns an array of files with jpg, png, and gif extensions in the specified directory. */ function _textimage_image_list() { $imagesdir = variable_get("textimage_images_path", ""); $filelist = array(); if (is_dir($imagesdir) && $handle = opendir($imagesdir)) { while ($file = readdir($handle)) { if (preg_match("/\.gif|\.png|\.jpg$/i",$file) == 1) $filelist[] = $imagesdir.'/'.$file; } closedir($handle); } return $filelist; } /** * Overlays an image to the supplied image resource */ function _textimage_apply_background_image (&$imageResource,$imageFile) { $backgroundResource = image_gd_open($imageFile,substr($imageFile,-3)); // Copy the text onto the background $backX = imagesx($backgroundResource); $backY = imagesy($backgroundResource); $textX = imagesx($imageResource); $textY = imagesy($imageResource); $randomBackX = rand(0,$backX-$textX); $randomBackY = rand(0,$backY-$textY); // Place the text onto a random location of the background image imagecopyresampled($backgroundResource,$imageResource,$randomBackX,$randomBackY,0,0,$textX,$textY,$textX,$textY); // Crop the background image to the original image size imagecopyresampled($imageResource,$backgroundResource,0,0,$randomBackX,$randomBackY,$textX,$textY,$textX,$textY); } /** * Creates transparent image resources for images with graphic backgrounds */ function _textimage_create_transparent_image($x, $y) { $i = imagecreatetruecolor($x, $y); $b = imagecreatefromstring(base64_decode(_text_image_blankpng())); imagealphablending($i, false); imagesavealpha($i, true); imagecopyresized($i, $b ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,$x, $y, imagesx($b), imagesy($b)); return $i; } function _text_image_blankpng() { $c = "iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAACgAAAAoCAYAAACM/rhtAAAABGdBTUEAAK/INwWK6QAAABl0RVh0U29m"; $c .= "dHdhcmUAQWRvYmUgSW1hZ2VSZWFkeXHJZTwAAADqSURBVHjaYvz//z/DYAYAAcTEMMgBQAANegcCBNCg"; $c .= "dyBAAA16BwIE0KB3IEAADXoHAgTQoHcgQAANegcCBNCgdyBAAA16BwIE0KB3IEAADXoHAgTQoHcgQAAN"; $c .= "egcCBNCgdyBAAA16BwIE0KB3IEAADXoHAgTQoHcgQAANegcCBNCgdyBAAA16BwIE0KB3IEAADXoHAgTQ"; $c .= "oHcgQAANegcCBNCgdyBAAA16BwIE0KB3IEAADXoHAgTQoHcgQAANegcCBNCgdyBAAA16BwIE0KB3IEAA"; $c .= "DXoHAgTQoHcgQAANegcCBNCgdyBAgAEAMpcDTTQWJVEAAAAASUVORK5CYII="; return $c; } ?> blogs |


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First Game Played on FIMS

| | |

The first Morabaraba game has been played on FIMS, the Free Internet Morabaraba Server! It was a pretty poor game, with me playing against myself (I lost...), and so I haven't recorded the game (well, FIMS has it in the database but I'll be cleaning out the database pretty soon. There is a bit of testing and tying off of loose ends to be done, but the server is up and running and should be launched very soon! Of course, not many people will be comfortable with the Telnet interface, so it will probably only be when a client is available that things really take off. I hope to have a (Windows|Linux) client released not too long after the server's first release.

FIMS will provide a place where players from all around the world can find an opponent and play a game. The server also provides rudimentary chat facilities, which will be expanded in future versions. By design, it should scale to very large groups of users (although that hasn't been tested), so I hope to see it become the definitive place for online Morabaraba (which currently has no online place).

If you're interested in beta testing or contributing to the project (it's in C# on Mono, runs happily on Windows and Linux) please contact me . If you just want to play, keep checking out , where details will be posted when it goes live.

FIMS Approaching Release

| | |

The first release of the Free Internet Morabaraba Server is nearing completion. The telnet server has been running continuously on a server for a few days without problems, so the network code seems to be stable. A lot more functionality is in, too, including online registration with email based confirmation. The code which understands Morabaraba positions and validates moves for legality is finished and tested (I've written a small test suite to exercise the code, though there may still be lurking bugs). The actual gameplay mechanisms are next, followed by a little bit of documentation and packaging for GPL v3 release!

I haven't done any scalability testing, but the design of the code and supporting database should scale to (at least) thousands of users on reasonably modest hardware.

Anyway, after the first server release, I aim to follow up quickly with a GUI client as well as an interface to allow my Morabaraba-playing program to join the fray (that way a willing opponent will always be online). After that, a number of "nice-to-have" features (ideas borrowed mostly from FICS) will be added to the server. The server design is such that it could be genericised relatively easily, allowing one server to support Morabaraba, SesothoMorabaraba and many other turn-oriented board games (draughts? mancala games? anything else?)

If you're a programmer (preferably C#) with an interest in Morabaraba, and you'd like to help work on FIMS, now is a good time to contact me ( and get involved!

Free Internet Morabaraba Server

| | | |

I've spent some time today moving the Free Internet Morabaraba Server forward. I have abandoned the PHP-based telnet server (though it was cute), and implemented a .NET based server. I'm doing the development in C# using MonoDevelop on Linux, which I haven't touched for ages. I'm very impressed with how it's come along - MonoDevelop is stable and capable, and Mono is much, much easier to set up than it used to be (it was a doddle on Ubuntu).

Anyway, I have the basic telnet handler set up, backed by a MySQL database for user registrations and so forth. Simple communications between logged in users are done, and the next step is to automate registration and implement the gameplay features. The protocol is inspired by FICS, though much, much simpler - but in time I should be able to add ratings etc. The server design should be quite scalable, and, because it's Mono-based, it will be cross-platform. Another day or two's work would probably see a first version in place, although unfortunately I suspect it may be another week or two before I get to do said other day or two of work!

After that, I will need to create a client - but given the Lazarus GUI stuff I already have for Morabaraba, I may just do the first version quickly in Lazarus.

Hunting cats.

On a cold and windy night (25th February 2008), my delightful cats decide to go hunting. Now I realise that cats hunt, in fact I quite like the idea of a cat doing what it was designed to do. What I do not like is them releasing their still live but very stunned prey on the office floor and then waiting for a response from me something along the lines of " oh, you clever thing". This has to happen before they sit down and consume their meal.

Last night is a case in point. The cats came running through the cat flap into the office and amid screeches released their prey. Unfortunately their prey this time was very much alive and very indignant at having been caught and announced this to the world in no uncertain terms. From the sound of it it was a little bird, but not sure as to where they would have got one I decide to take a closer look. To my surprise I see what looks like a miniature Weasel looking back at me. This weasel like creature was not impressed with what it saw and promptly started screeching like a banshee again. Well I decide that this is one little animal to cute to be eaten and in any case the cats are looking rather terrified at what they had caught. Jo takes one look and disappears out the door and Cleopatra is keeping a very respectable distance. It is only Elijah who thinks that all creatures are like sheep - Cute a cuddly - who seems absolutely unfased by the noise and intent on kissing noses. I get Elijah out the door and then proceed to try to catch the elusive creature. It takes me about 20 minutes to find a suitable container, entice the little creature inside and carry it outside where I can release it back into the field. During this time I manage to notice that yes it looks very much like a weasel but is only about 15 centimeters long but boy toes it pong. The whole office has been fumigated with the smell of this little thing.

Least Weasel

After I manage to let it go again I decide to have a bit of an investigation into what this could possibly be. At first I think it may be a Stoat. According to wikipedia a Stoat can grow to be about 30 cm long. This one in that case would have to be a juvenile. Although it is possible I think that due to the amount of noise and they way it managed to chase off the cats it must be an adult so I go back onto the hunt. I stumble across a page on the Least Weasel or simply Weasel if you are in the UK. They (again according to Wikipedia) can grow to a maximum of 23 centimeters with the female being a lot smaller than the male. So there You have it. My clever cats have introduced me to another beautiful species that I would not have seen. I have copied a picture of a Least weasel from I hope they do not mind.

OCCCM Redevelopment Under Way

| |

I originally developed a nice little content management system called OCCCM for PHP and MySQL. It was quite functional, performed well (although it was never really tested under load), had a very capable permissions model, was easy-to-template and exceptionally easy-to-use. However, it didn't have a lot of features I wanted from my CMS (eg blogs, image galleries). Worse, as it had grown up in stages from a very basic page editing tool, the design of the thing made it quite difficult to extend. Nevertheless, it was used by (and is still used by) a handful of sites, though I switched most of my own sites to Drupal.

Now Drupal is great; it's very functional and has oodles of extensions. However, it's also hard work. Writing custom templates is comparatively difficult for the uninitiated, and many users find the tools for managing content and site structure to be quite challenging. The admin features are effective but quite obtuse. Other content management systems are great as well, but for one reason or another just don't suit me. So I'm delighted to announce that Ballaird is going to be redeveloping OCCCM! A completely new design has been developed, which honours the ease-of-use and simplicity of templating of the original OCCCM, while providing template designers with much more flexibility and control, users with more functionality, system administrators with better performance and scalability, and developers with a much more extensible platform.

Development of the new OCCCM is already under way, and you can check on news, status and progress at the OCCCM web site. As before, the new version will be GPL-licensed (probably under the "v2 or later" language).

Coming Clean

| |

I like bubble bath. I had bubble bath as a youngster, of course (Shipmate, as I recall) but as I grew older, I set aside childish things, and these memories faded. One of the delightful, puzzling aspects of getting married was that this woman moved in, and with her a respectable array of unguents and potions. Said potions included bubble bath.

Well, it wasn't long before I rediscovered the joy of an hour spent with a good book in languorous, bubbly somnolence. And thus have the intervening years passed.

Anyway, all of this is by way of circumlocutary preface to an insufferable contention which I have discovered these last few days: "The perfect water temperature lies between 36degC and 38degC. The duration of your bath should ideally be 15 to 20 minutes." This bald assertion is stated in so many words on the back of a bottle of "Cien 2-Phase Foam Bath Intensive Care Milk & Honey", and leaves little room for disagreement.

It may be churlish of me, but I do disagree. The established practice of my bathtime departs widely from the stated parameters. Firstly, my ideal temperature is probably "OUCHSCALDINGHOTEXTREMELYahhhhniiiicewaaaarm" (which, expressed on the Celsius scale, is probably at least 50). Secondly, such a temperature allows for a proper duration of no less than 45 minutes, if one is hurried; more if one is blessed with a hot tap which admits of manipulation by the toes. I don't have webbed fingers or toes (which would naturally interfere with the nether-digital operation of the tap), and my skin isn't all wrinkly.

Is this mere depravity, or does my practice fall more closely to the median than the aforementioned soapmongers would suggest?

Politicianwar Site Now Up


The Politicianwar site - like kittenwar , or puppywar , but with British Members of Parliament instead of cute animals (cue joke about the only difference being the lack of cuteness), is now available at What it really needs now is thousands of votes so that reasonable stats can emerge - so go vote!

I built the site with PHP on MySQL; it runs on Apache2 on Linux. I will most likely GPL the source code in a few weeks - with a bit of work it could be made configurable - so that you can easily create any-war sites...

Morabaraba Opening Book

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It's been another long hiatus since the last release of my Morabaraba program, but at last there's a new version in the pipeline.



The weekend of the 10th August has been a particularly busy one for our family. We invited our three oldest Nieces and Nephew to come to the farm for a weekend away from home which we hoped they would enjoy before going back to School. We were also having a spit braai for Sunday lunch as a surprise for Nikki (Adam's Sister) as her birthday is the 16th August. 

Weekend happenings.

Well for a change Adam did not have to much work stuff to do over the weekend so we had a really nice weekend being together.

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