Personal site for Adam and Michelle Oellermann

Exciting Changes

We're excited to be able to announce some major changes in our lives! Accordingly this site is getting a major redevelopment - we'll try to get the new version up on the server as soon as we can.

Welcome to!

Welcome to!

This is the personal web site of Michelle and Adam Oellermann. It exists to provide us with a long-term home on the Internet, with stable URLs and stable email addresses. In its current incarnation, this site is powered by Drupal . Previous versions were powered by OCCCM, our bespoke content management system, and before that by various lumps of PERL, PHP and HTML.

You can gain access to our wondrous collection of content by using the menu over on the left-hand side. Some of the highlights include:

  • Our photo gallery, with lots of pictures of the most beautiful part of Scotland where we live
  • The Software section, including a bunch of free software - you should certainly take a look at the Morabaraba section if you're interested in learning and playing a traditional African board game
  • Blogs - some thoughts from Michelle and Adam

If you are also an Oellermann, we would be delighted to hear from you. If you like, we would be happy to provide you with an email address (eg which can redirect to your own email account; we provide this service free to a number of other Oellermanns - it's great to have a stable email address which you can keep even when you change ISP. Please get in touch if you want to organise your own.